What Does The Green Circle Mean On Instagram?

Instagram is the prominent social media application platform utilised by the majority of people Worldwide. The Green Circle in the story denotes that the post can only be viewed only by the user’s close friends. Posting videos and pictures have become a common tradition in social media. Even though posting pictures online has become common, most of the people will be reluctant because of fear of the morphing and the abusive usage of the photographs. To put an end to those fears of advanced technology, Instagram has introduced a new feature for its users. The user can restrict or enable permission to specific people of their friend’s circle to view their stories posted online. Thus the restricted stories will be denoted with a Green Circle on the Instagram Story.

What Does Green Circle On Instagram Story Mean?

As we all know that the Green Circle on Instagram refers to that, the story will only be watched by the close friends of the user. Thus people have the liberty to choose their story viewers by using this feature on Instagram. This new feature was utilised and cherished by most of the Instagram users. Scroll down to know How to make use of this new feature on Instagram.

How To Utilise The Close Friends Option On Instagram?

People are so happy with the newly introduced feature on Instagram, and this allows them to decided the viewers of their stories. But still, people will be puzzled about How To Utilise The Close Friends Option On Instagram? Follow the instructions given below to enable the Close Friends options on Instagram.

  • Initially, make sure that you have updated the Instagram Application to get the newly added feature.

  • Once you have updated, open the application and follow the instructions given below.

  • The Android user can click the “Menu Bar.”

  • Then choose the “Close Friends” icon to enable the feature.

  • iOS user should tap the avatar or click your “Username” at the top of the profile icon.

  • Click the “Close Friends” icon to enable the feature to get activated.

  • Thus you can give access to the newly added feature on Instagram.

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