Android 11 Name, Features, Release Date

Three monthly developer preview builds were planned to be released before the first beta update, which was originally scheduled for May, and a total of three monthly beta releases before the actual release. The final release was scheduled for September 8, 2020, and a state of “platform stability” was expected for July 2020. On February 19, 2020, Google launched the first developer preview build of Android 11 as a factory image for supported Google Pixel smartphones, except the first-generation Pixel and Pixel XL. On March 18, Developer Preview 2 was announced, followed by Developer Preview 3 on April 23.

What are the Features in Android 11?

The release of the first public beta was originally set to take place on June 3 at Google I/O, which was ultimately canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, an online release event being planned instead. Check out the features in Android 11 listed below,

User experience

When enabled by apps, Android 11 introduces “conversations” alerts, which are optimized for talk and messaging and can be displayed in pop-up overlays known as “bubbles.” Conversations may also be labeled as “priority” to emphasize their importance. It is also possible to see the notification history for the previous 24 hours. Bubbles are intended to take the place of the current overlay authorization, which is being phased out due to security and performance issues.


When you hold down the power button, a menu appears that includes a section for controlling smart home devices. The media controls are now part of the fast settings area, rather than being displayed as a persistent notification. The voice control system can recognize the background of the screen.


In order to provide improved in-app experiences, Android 11 includes a number of APIs for detecting the availability of 5G network connectivity. New APIs for managing devices with hinged displays and ultra-curved “waterfall” displays are included in Android 11. A new API can be used to monitor the temperature of a system and change app operations accordingly. Oboe has taken the place of OpenSL ES. Wireless debugging is available on Android 11. Performance upgrades, privacy enhancements, increased storage, improved RAM storage, and new software features are all included in Android 11 Go Edition, with Google claiming that apps will launch 20 percent faster than on Android 10.

Privacy and security

When an app requests camera, microphone, or location permissions in Android 11, the user must choose whether to allow access any time they use the app, only once, or refuse access. Refusing permission repeatedly can result in an indefinite denial. All “sensitive” permissions are automatically reset if the user has not used an app for several months, and apps must require users to go to the device settings menu to allow background location tracking. Apps targeting Android 11 can only access files in external storage that they have developed themselves, preferably within an app-specific directory, as well as audio, image, and video files stored within that directory.

What is the Name of Android 11?

Many people are asking for the Android 11 version name, Android Q was titled “Android 10” by Google, which shocked us. Although “Android R” is mentioned in the latest beta. The dessert naming scheme isn’t likely to return. As a result, Android 11 will be the name of the next update of the operating system followed by Android 12 and so on. 

What are Some of the Improvements and Addition of New Features in Android 11?

Some of the improvements and addition of new features in Android 11 are given below,

  • Chat bubbles.

  • Screen recorder.

  • Notification history.

  • New permissions controls.

  • API distinction between standalone 5G NR and non-standalone 5G.

  • One-time permission.

  • Permissions auto-reset.

  • Wireless Android Auto on devices with 5GHz Wi-Fi.

  • Increased number of updatable core OS components in Google Play from 12 to 21.

  • Enterprise work profile privacy protections now apply on company-owned devices.

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