Who Is The Least Favorite Blackpink Member – Blackpink band has four pretty and talented singers: Jennie, Lisa, Rose, and Jisoo who have been together since 2016. They started by giving a huge hit “Boombayah” and were the first K-pop act to play at Coachella, in 2019. They are breaking records from their music which is getting them tonnes of video views. Their beauty, makeup, hair and dressing style has been the talk of the town and girls are getting mad to try out the Blackpink looks.

Even after getting immense popularity and being so talented, questions like Who Is The Least Popular Member Of Blackpink is jumping around.

Can you guess the Least Popular Member Of Blackpink? Scroll down the page and get all your answers here.

Who Is The Least Favorite Blackpink Member? 

Among the four, there are two names which come up often as the “least popular,”.So let us find out why people share these opinions.

Jisoo and Rose are often considered the least popular members of Blackpink. It looks like Jennie and Liare are liked more, thereby demoting Jisoo and Rose by default. The news says that Lisa is famous worldwide, while Jennie is the most popular in South Korea.

Several fans who are not in favour of the concept of least popularity are considering all girls equally popular and loved. Fansite Blackpink Update regularly ranks the popularity based on solo awards won and social media following and hence announced Lisa the most favourite in August 2020. As Jisoo had the least amount of Instagram followers, she was ranked the least favourite. However, in the site’s overall rankings of female K-pop singers, the lowest ranking Blackpink member was Rose.

Note: All the members in Blackpink are equally deserving and talented, so the question of who is the least popular is just a matter of opinion. 

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