Why is My Flashlight Not Working On My Phone?

Even the most prepared individuals rarely carry a flashlight in their pockets, but there’s no reason to when our smartphones come equipped with a great flashlight. Smartphones are made up of a combination of software and hardware, and most software errors result in a defective phone flashlight. While not powerful enough to light up a large room or send a beam dozens of feet ahead down a hiking trail, the flashlight on an iPhone is more than bright enough to help you find your keys, read in a tent, light up the pavement ahead of you, or rock out at a concert. The options below can help you solve your malfunctioning flashlight on iPhone, whether it’s due to a software mistake or broken hardware. To know the steps to fix the issue read furthermore.

How to Fix iPhone Flashlight Not Working issue?

However, you don’t have to be left in the dark if your iPhone flashlight isn’t working. If you require your phone flashlight to snap pictures at night or see in dim light, you can use one of the ways we’ll present to solve flashlight not working on Android. Check out the steps given below to know how to fix the issue. 

Check device is not in power saver mode

When you put your phone in power savings mode, several features are disabled, such as background data usage, vibration, and even torchlight. These features are turned off in order to extend the life of your phone’s battery. To get your flashlight to operate again, turn off the power savings mode. To switch off the power-saving mode, follow these steps. Go to Settings > Battery Saver > Tap the 3 dots at the Top right corner >Turn Off.

Remove application installed after which phone torch is not working

Malware can sometimes infect applications that use your phone’s camera, preventing the flashlight from operating. To fix the phone torch, uninstall the app you recently installed and restart your phone.

Clear camera app data

Your camera’s settings may have been disrupted while it was being used. Clear the camera app data to return your camera to its default settings and make flashlight work  To clear camera app data; Go to Settings > Application Manager > All > Camera > Clear Data.

Use a third-party flashlight app

If your default flashlight switch isn’t working, you can utilize another flashlight app. Type ‘Flashlight’ into the search field on the app store then From the search results, choose your favorite flashlight app.

Reset device

If your phone flashlight is still not working after attempting all of the remedies above, we recommend Factory Resetting your phone to clear any software issues that are preventing it from operating. To perform a factory reset on your phone. Go to Settings > System Settings> Backup and Reset >Factory Data Reset > Reset Phone > Insert Password > Erase Everything.

Visit the nearest service center

If all the above solutions do not work then you are advised to visit the nearest iPhone Service center. If the issue persists, it is almost certainly a hardware issue. To avoid hurting any parts of the phone, do not attempt to disassemble it yourself; instead, contact a professional mobile phone repair shop to resolve your phone’s flashlight issue. 

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