What is Popcorn Time?

Popcorn Time is a multi-platform  BitTorrent client. It is free to use and includes an integrated media player as well. It is widely used as an alternative to premium subscription-based video streaming services like Netflix. It uses sequential downloading to stream content listed by several torrent websites and third-party trackers can be added as well. Read on to learn more about the Xvideo codec error.

Xvid Video Codec May Be Required To View Video Popcorn Time Android, MAC

Sometimes users using Popcorn Time might have encountered an error prompt stating that Xvid Codec may be required to view the content. This is because Codec is required to play an Xvid video. So the absence of a codec will result in this error message but don’t worry, it can be resolved easily. Scroll down to learn more about Xvid Codec and learn how to fix the issue.

What is Xvid Codec?

Xvid Codec is an open-source platform that compresses videos to MPEG – 4 ASP standard. This helps in saving a lot of space since a full-length movie will take up a lot of space on your hard drive. So by using Xvid, you can compress the whole movie and save up a lot of storage space. So this makes it ideal while streaming videos and movies since fewer space means, you are also saving a lot of data. But sometimes the program may cause some errors. But this can be easily rectified. 

How to fix Xvid Codec Error?

Xvid Codec Error occurs only due to a few reasons. Here are all the possibe solutions to fix the problem,

  • Ensure that the Xvid codec is up to date. You need to have the latest version of the program or else an error could occur due to compatibility issues.

  • Make sure your OS is up to date. 

  • Check if any malware or virus is disrupting your system. You need to have a good antivirus program to check.

  • Check if the video can be played on another media player to rule out the possibility of a broken media file.

The above-mentioned methods should fix any issue with the media player. If the issue does not get fixed, then try uninstalling and installing Xvid again.

What are the features of Xvid Codec?

If you’ve stumbled across a video that won’t play on your computer, the XviD Codec might be able to help. The software supports a variety of file types, allowing you to play video files on a variety of devices. You can compress AVI files in less than a minute using the MiniConvert function. Furthermore, using the XviD Codec does not result in a loss in video quality. The program’s compression functionality isn’t compatible with all file types, so keep that in mind. Attempting to compress an MP4 file, for example, may result in an error. However, the ‘Decoder’ and ‘Encoder’ settings apps in XviD Codec allow you to execute a variety of other tasks. Advanced options, such as encoding type, compression ratio, aspect ratio, and post-processing, are simple to alter with these tools. The XviD Codec has a ‘Restore Defaults’ option, which is useful for reversing changes to video files. In terms of menus and subtitles, XviD allows you to employ a variety of third-party applications to enhance the program’s built-in functionality by adding subtitles and menus.

How to use Xvid Codec?

XviD Codec concentrates solely on files that support XviD content. XviD files may now be played on almost all Blu-ray and DVD players. While the DivX Codec is not the same as XviD, most video players that handle DivX files can also play XviD files. XviD files encoded with advanced MPEG-4 capabilities such as multiple B-frames and MPEG quantization, on the other hand, aren’t usually compatible with Divx players. While some programs can decode XviD files without additional software, others require the XviD Codec to correctly compress and decompress data. XviD Codec is supported on Windows7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Linux, and a wide range of other platforms.

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